Pulling Together For A Better Tomorrow

Biotech Restorations is a biological soil remediation technology services company, that has saved property owners and developers millions of dollars in cleanup costs, providing rapid return on investment (ROI) while eliminating owner’s environmental liability. 


Putting The Pieces Back Together

 Biotech Restorations has earned the recognition and support of the environmental regulatory community by setting a new standard for effective, low cost, high ROI, low impact, proven sustainable cleanup.


Let's paint a different picture together

Biotech Restorations  generates savings by using its unique, exclusively licensed remediation biotechnology to achieve material results versus costly, antiquated, conventional methods of cleanup that are still widely used today. These traditional methods either encase the existing contaminate in place, or relocate it to another location. We eliminate the contamination, leaving pollutant free land for a greener and more healthy environment for future generations.