Biotech Restorations is an environmental remediation company that utilizes an exclusively licensed biological bacterial formulary to naturally remediate soil contaminate materials known to be harmful to humans and the environment. Our solutions facilitate the remediation of the contaminates in the soil, in place at the original site, by reducing pollutants to levels that are at, and typically well below, acceptable regulatory levels. On-site remediation is normally at a fraction of the cost of traditional soil excavation and haul solutions. It eliminates the long-term liability associated with the bury and cap solution that only covers the pollutants.

We have been in business since 2000, helping multiple customers with property cleanup, while elimination of costly on-going regulatory liability. Our management staff has over 40 years of combined activity in the pollution and contamination remediation business, providing future generations with a clean, healthy environment to live and grow in.


 The company is generally able to determine whether its solutions will be efficacious, based upon examination of soil samples representative of the pollutants found in the soil.   Biotech Restorations uses a methodical, scientific, and analytical approach to first qualify and then plan for commercial success.

  • Client shares up-to-date property environmental data;
  • Data is analyzed as part of the first "go/no-go";
  • If it's a "go" then the soil samples are pulled and undergo specific and extensive independent lab testing to generate a comprehensive contaminant profile;
  • This profile is analyzed as part of the second "go/no-go" decision;
  • If it's a "go", Biotech creates a product formulation specifically tailored to address the "contaminants of concern" that is designed to remediate with maximum efficiency to achieve customer and regulating body goals.

This careful and methodical approach:      

  • reduces the qualified customer project costs;
  • dramatically increases our success rates in the field;
  • aligns us fully with customer technical and economic goals.

 Benefits of on-site remediation include: 

  • Cost Savings - Saves property owners and developers significant cleanup expenses, while eliminating environmental liabilities that result in an unrestricted property deed, with market value from unencumbered use. 
  • Innovative proprietary remediation biotechnology with proven EPA clean bill of health.  Our solution restores enzyme production, allowing the natural indigenous bacteria to perform inherent functions impaired in the presence of pollutant compounds. 
  • Eco-Friendly - Recognition by the environmental regulatory community for setting a new standard for low impact, sustainable cleanup. 
    • Utilizes sustainable products and green practices;
    • Eliminates pollutant mass;
    • Effective for both small and large sites;
    • Leaves nutrient rich soil, suitable for unrestricted use and access.